Piction Network is creating a new peer to peer digital contents ecosystem.
We are disrupting the centralized models of content distribution dominated by extractive intermediaries

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Led by Battle Entertainment

Battle Entertainment

Piction Network is led by Battle Entertainment - a leading digital contents production and distribution platform from Korea and China with the experience, industry insights and trust from leading institutions.

views accumulated over 3.5 years
users on our platform
viewers which distribute to China
Raised Over
9,000,000+ USD
from Seed funding, Series A and Series B equity funding from leading institutions that trust us:
Smilegate Investment

Smilegate Investments is one of Korea's leading venture capital fund that focuses on investing in promising media, gaming and entertainment related projects. They are behind CROSSFIRE, the most played FPS with over 650m users.

Industrial Bank of Korea

Industrial Bank of Korea is owned by the Korean government with over 200 billion USD assets under management.

KTB Networks

KTB Networks is one of Korea's oldest venture capital fund.

IMM Investment

IMM is one of Korea's leading venture capital fund that has a total asset under management of 2 billion USD.

Union Investment

Union Investment Partners is one of Korea's leading venture capital firm with a portfolio that is focused on films, animations, games, TV dramas and live concerts.

Angang Venture Investment

Angang investment is a venture capital fund that specializes in investing in software, medical equipment, media broadcasting and entertainment related projects.

This is ourTEAM

Fred Bae
Fred Bae
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Business Development Director at Smilegate West
Data Analyst at Nexon America
Game economy architect at Nexon Korea
Seoul National Univ. Business Administration

Jiwoong Heo
Jiwoong Heo
Chief Technical Officer

Technical lead at SELab
Seoul National Univ. Physics

Grace, Choi
Grace, Choi
Chief Strategy Officer, Attorney-At-Law/Patent Attorney

IP Specialty Lawyer registered in Korean Bar Association

Julie, Joohee Son
Julie, Joohee Son
Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Air Innovation Korea & AeroK Airlines Finance Head
Coupang ECommerce Finance Sr.Manager
Johnson&Johnson Medical Korea Finance
Dow Chemical Korea Finance Controller
IMM Investment VC Venture Captialist
Ernst & Young
KEB Hana Bank Corporate Banking
Korea University

Zhaoyan Jin
Zhaoyan Jin
Chief Operating Officer

CEO at Moyou Games & Mobile Factory
Chief of Business Development at Shanghai Posts & Telecommunications Technology
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Jongmok Lee
Jongmok Lee
Chief Content Officer

Vice-president, Comica Entertainment
Lecture, Hong-Ik Univ. Animation
Team Leader, Nexon Korea / Project : FIFA Online 3, Kartrider, Crazyarcade etc..
Leader of the part, Neople(A Nexon Company) / Project : Dungeon & Fighter, Cyphers
Hong-Ik Univ. Graduate School, Animation

Seungyun Bae
Seungyun Bae
Head of Biz Support

English Teacher, Gwangju Girls High School
Chosun Univ. English Education

Hongsu Jung
Hongsu Jung
Marketing Strategy Director

Contents Sales Manager, Game magazine Thisisgame.com & Playforum
E-sports Business Manager at Gretech
Director at Comica
Graduated Economics , Choong-ang Univ.



The blockchain project Klaytn is a public blockchain platform developed by KaKao's blockchain technology company 'Ground X' based on 'Blockchain Service Popularization'. The vision of the Klaytn project to lead the popularization of the blockchain by proving the value and usefulness of the blockchain technology, and the blockchain in the entire digital content such as webtoons, videos, and sound sources, the vision of Piction will be shared with each other.


AfreecaTV is a leading P2P technology-based video streaming service in Korea with a monthly active user base of 6M people. It has functions such as broadcasting, viewing, channel listing, live chatting, and discussion boards. The platform content ranges from TV broadcasts, live video game broadcasts, artist performances, and personal daily-life video blogs and shows for actresses and professional broadcast.

SandBox Network

SandBox Network consists of a closely knitted group of digital entertainment enthusiasts and content creators that broadcast game and anime related contents. They have more than 100 youtube creators and a powerful community. The cumulative monthly view of their creation is more than 400M. Sandbox Network will be a content distributor and leverage these key opinion leaders to distribute digital contents and to promote Piction’s contents to their audiences.


Coinplug is the world's 2nd, and Korea's 1st Blockchain Patent Holder - with a cumulative of 115 blockchain related patents in Korea and 46 international patents. It is founded by the finest engineers from both Silicon Valley and Korea, including Vitalik Buterin (Co-Founder of Ethereum) as a technical advisor. Coinplug has spearheaded an array of innovative blockchain solutions and has worked with many leading enterprises in Korea. Piction Network will be in close consultation with Coinplug to jointly develop the technical aspects in Piction Network.

Maxim Comics

Maxim Comics is a subsidiary of Maxim Korea - one of the leading men’s magazine in Korea that has an annual publication of 1.5 million magazines a year. Maxim Comics publishes comics for mature audiences, primarily targeting male demographic segments. Maxim Comics will be one of the contents distributor in Piction’s ecosystem and help to bring on board more of their existing use base to Piction Network.


Flitto is a global crowdsourced translation agency with more than 8.5M global users and 3M active translators over 173 countries that can translate 23 languages. Piction Network has a full contractual partnership with Flitto. Flitto's existing base of translators can be part of Piction Network’s crowdsourced translators.


Metadium is the next-generation identity protocol layer of the internet powered by blockchain with "trustless trust". It supports a decentralized digital identity and acts as the robust heart of Metadium ecosystem to provide secure, next-generation identity. Piction Network will be integrating Metadium's identity verification SDK to provide KYC services to all participants in Piction Network.


Airbloc is a decentralized personal data protocol where individuals would be able to monetize their data, and advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct targeted marketing campaigns for higher ROIs. To grow the user base in Piction Network, we will be leveraging Airbloc Protocol’s data marketplace to purchase insightful data to discover and target customer segments that are interested in digital contents.


Twolinecode is a major cloud-based big data and artificial intelligence developer with a large number of cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google. 'Two Line Code' will play a key role as a data analyst for the Piction ecosystem.


Layerbox studio is top tier studio in Korea which have multple talented artists, specialized in game promotion video clips, animations, character live(Virtual Youtuber)

Dragon Village

'Dragon Village' developed by 'Highbrow', is the longest mobile game in Korea with 10 million downloads. Instead of staying at a simple game company, 'Highbrow' has been a success in 'Game IP business' including various character products and secondary content with a strong IP called 'Dragon Village'. As a core content provider of the Piction Network, it will introduce gamers with strong fandom in ecosystem.

These are ourADVISORS

David K. Lee
David K. Lee

(Former) CEO, Nexon Japan
(Former) Department Manager, Softbank
Doctor, NYU School of Law

The Piction Network team is one that truly understands the problems in today’s monopolised digital contents industry. For too long, extractive intermediaries in the content value chain have extracted profits from artists that prevents them from earning sufficient livelihood. What we are seeing today is the stagnation of the contents industry because promising artists do not have sufficient funds to continue creating valuable content. I applaud Piction Network's vision and the team has my full support.

Ina Jang
Ina Jang

CEO, Smilegate Entertainment
CEO, Smilegate Megaport

Having followed Battle Entertainment’s growth closely since the beginning, I am confident of the team behind Piction Network. In my years working together with the team, I found them to be extremely hardworking, passionate, mission-driven and not to mention – creative. These traits fused together are ingredients for success. The time today is ripe for disruption, especially with blockchain technology. Piction Network's vision and mission is one that I have been waiting for. I am proud to be part of Piction Network's journey to success.

Richard Yun
Richard Yun

COO, Coinplug
Co-founder, Metadium

Adoption and ecosystem sustainability are key factors for success for any blockchain project. This can only be achieved through longstanding industry experience, insights, and technical expertise. Piction Network, led by Battle Entertainment has deep industry connections and insights to perennial problems within the traditional digital contents industry. I am confident that with their experience and high competence, they can tailor appropriate blockchain-related solutions to turn their vision into a reality.

Seunghwan Yeo
Seunghwan Yeo

Director of Technical Support, Smilegate Holdings
(Former) Techical Support for Blockchain Project, Smilegate

Blockchain technology is an emerging industry. For many, this is an entirely uncharted territory. Technical excellence and execution prowess is a trait highly needed to brave this new industry and emerge successful. In my years working together with the team members in Piction Network, they have proven themselves to be capable of executing complex technical tasks. I am confident that the Piction Network team will deliver on their vision and promises.

Shen Rong(沈荣)
Shen Rong(沈荣)

Member of the committee, China Literature and Art Critics Association
Chairman, China Web Literature Writer's Village

In just a few years, we have seen the rise of extractive monopolies in the digital contents industry. The high fees and barriers to entry crowd out aspiring artists who wish to pursue their dreams and career in the contents industry. What we are seeing today is an unfortunate reality where even promising artists second-guess their decisions to enter the contents industry. This is not right and something that should not have even happened. Piction Network, undergirded by blockchain technology seeks to return power to these artists, and in the long term, allow the digital contents industry to once again flourish.

Inha Park
Inha Park

Member of board, The Korea Cartoonist Association
Professor, School of Manhwa Contents, ChungKang College of Cultural Industries

Being deep in the digital contents industry myself, it is truly saddening to see aspiring artists not being able to see their ideas and dreams come to fruition because of the extractive nature of today’s digital contents industry. The onset of blockchain technology is one that brings huge relief to me and artists because it facilitates the disintermediation of extractive monopolies in the value chain. Artists with Piction Network can now have greater freedom to innovate and bring greater value to our daily lives. When the arts industry flourishes, we as humankind flourish as well. I am deeply touched the fervour exhibited by the team behind Piction Network. The team has my utmost support.

Jaesung Choi
Jaesung Choi

Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

From a macroeconomic point of view, a new paradigm is needed in the content market, as consumers' preferences are enhanced by the improvement of income level, the expansion of leisure, and the improvement of cultural level. The structure of the content industry centered on the large platform now is a supplier - oriented model in the industrial age, and it is getting harder to meet various content needs of the present users. Users are increasingly demanding the diversity of content. The creator should analyze the needs of the user more closely with the data base and reflect it in the content creation by avoiding the platform-dependent content creation. 'Piction Netowrk' vision begins with these anxieties and problematic consciousness. The ecosystem model of the 'Piction Network', in which creators and users collaborate directly to create content, is sure to dramatically improve the diversity of the content market.

Jenny Yoon
Jenny Yoon

Founding Partner & Attorney at Law, Law firm “We&Partners”
Secretary, State Affairs Committee National Assembly
Zhonglum W&D Law firm (Beijing, China)



  • Left on the receiving end, artists do not have sufficient negotiating power to demand for lower fees for their work
  • Pricing models of digital contents are entirely based off central monopolies.
  • Promising and budding artists face high barriers to entry in terms of cost and sustainability.
  • Payment settlement process is slow and inefficient, and artists cannot earn a consistent income
  • Face production cost issues for their artwork that leaves them to discontinue their work.

Extractive Monopolies

  • Digital contents publishers have almost absolute control over an artist’s success in the digital contents industry.
  • Monopolisation over resources and access crowds out budding artists. The digital contents industry faces a deep problem of limited innovation and creativity as young talents are not given the space to grow and showcase their work to the wider global community


  • The largest untapped resource today is the power of the community. Community fans and loyal supporters form an integral part of an artist’s success in the industry. They also form a crucial role in helping to fund an artist’s work.
  • It is said that money is the driver of content, and not content being the driver of money. However, in today’s world, the gap between the community and the artist is mired in layers of communication barriers and funding barriers.

Piction Network's Features

Decentralized Digital Contents Platform

  • Returns full ownership to artists and grants artists freedom to decide on monetization models.
  • Disintermediate intermediaries in the digital contents value chain and allow artists to earn much more from their work.
  • Hasten the payment settlement process so that artists have a consistent income.

Support by Community

  • Artists require a stable production cost to eliminate the economic uncertainty in the production of their work. In Piction Network, community members are able to safely support into budding artists using Tokens and receive a cut of the production’s profits.

Greater Ancillary Support for Artists

  • Through token economic incentives, Piction Network will help artists to leverage the power of the community. When supporters of an artist helps in marketing, translation and outreach beyond Piction Network to overseas markets and when these efforts convert into sales for the artist, these supporters would be rewarded with PXL Tokens.


  • 2018 Q4

    POC(Proof of Concept) test release

    • The POC of Piction Network launched. Core layer of Piction Network, including transactions, reliability of supporter smart contracts, and prevention of attacks will be tested and verified to evaluate the credibility of the ecosystem.
    • The simplest form of the marketplace, where direct content transactions are available, will also be tested.
  • 2019 Q1

    v0.1 alpha version release

    • We will secure content that will be the seeds of the ecosystem and conduct trial sales of the content.
    • Supporter and influencer smart contracts will be released. We will facilitate support content based on the seed content.
    • Piction Network will proceed with ICO and conduct listing on the exchange. The listing will be conducted in the several renowned Korean and overseas exchange markets.
    • Secure seed users through airdrop activities. Planning to enter into a partnership with global major game companies.
  • 2019 Q2

    beta v0.5 version release

    • We intend to expand our ecosystem partnership, which has own unique market scope in each area and a large number of users. We intend to aggressively engage a large number of users who will participate in creators, funding, marketing, and translation in order to ensure that Piction Network operates successfully and successfully.
    • Geographically, Piction Network begins from Korea and China. Also, based on content category, it starts in the field of webtoon /web novel.
    • Piction Network beta version will be released on mainnet.
    • Base protocol will be determined, and SDK and API also will be announced.
  • 2019 Q3/Q4

    v1.0 version release

    • Piction Network will launch the full version that enables the entire content creation process, from content registration and supporter recruitment to sales.
    • We plan to concentrate production of secondary creative based on game IP. It is also proven through the experience and history of Battle Comics, which has accumulated 18 million users in Korea.
    • We aim to expand into other regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia.
  • 2020

    • Ecosystem Expansion Phase, we plan to expand to the digital content market such as short clip movies. Video is the largest market for the type of content that Piction Network is planning, where fairly advanced plans are developed every day.
    • Physical region expansion will be focused on the United States and the EU.
  • 2021

    • We target expanding to the music market, which is the most popular and beloved content.
    • Physical regional expansion will be focus on other underdeveloped areas such as Latin America and Africa. After 2021, the world becomes the service area of Piction Network.


Foundational Documents

To help you gain a deeper understanding of Piction Network, our team has prepared papers for your review.